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Book Cover of 'Barry Needs A Hug'

People Love Barry!

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I love books with great rhyme and rhythm and this book has that form perfectly. It wasn’t the story line I expected and took some different turns than many other books with the same message. I read it as soon as we opened the box to my 8 and 4 yr old and they both loved it. Then my 4 year old asked if it could be her book lol. So definitely a winner.

– Beth, Amazon Reader

My daughters love it

I've got a 5yo and a 2yo and they both love it. It quickly found its way onto the nightly reading list. Now I just gotta buy the coloring book!

– Amazon Reader

Nailed It!

Barry Needs a Hug is a great read and my children thought so too! The author does a great job telling a story with creative rhymes the entire book (not an easy job as I’ve read a ton of children’s books that can’t do this effectively). The book has a great message and it has become a family favorite, making it into the regular nightly lineup of books.

– Mary M, Amazon Reader

What A Great Book About Being Unique

This is a great book for kids to teach them that everyone has features/personalities that make them unique and special and different than other people.

– Amazon Reader

Heartwarming and well-written. You will love reading this again and again.

We loved the book! I read it to my family at the dinner table and everyone was enthralled the whole time (even the adults)! The story has a great message. Barry worried that he was un-huggable until the day he learned that his perceived weakness might actually be his greatest strength. The last page had us all laughing. Heartwarming and well-written. You will love reading this again and again.

– Jeanette D, Amazon Reader

Great book!

What a great book. It teaches us how being ourselves is the best thing we can be. Even though we want to be something else for others, we should never change our best qualities.

– Kurt H, Amazon Reader

Adorable and perfect for social emotional learning!

Adorable book premise and the illustrations really brought it to life! Rhyming books are great for memory, and I think the story itself is perfect for social emotional learning. Learning to love the traits, characteristics, and things that make us unique is a great lesson for kids. We don't have to change who we are to be loved!

– Matt G, Amazon Reader

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