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Rebranding a CMS Framework Startup
Personal Project


ZenSource is a CMS framework that takes the best of Drupal, adds an easy-to-use authoring and publishing layer.

The Problem

ZenSource needed a rebrand and website refresh to stand out from other CMS platforms.

User Feedback

According to user feedback, the overall feeling of the design was a bit ominous. So I knew things had to be brightened up with a clean look.

Finding Colors

After doing a quick color comparison with ZenSource's competitors, I thought a bright mint and purple palette would help them stand apart.

New Logo Design

I designed a new logo that carried some symbolism. The lotus flower represented 'Zen'. The waves emitting from the flower made it feel like the lotus was the 'source' of that zen.

High-Level Wires

I did some high-level wireframes to get a sense of the story we were telling on the homepage. The main goal was to drive people to sign up for a demo.

Custom Visuals

I had a blast creating a library of illustrations and icons. The playful style was another way to separate ZenSource from their competition.

Redesigned Homepage

Overall, the redesign was a great success. Compared to where they were, the new design was much more bright and professional.

Design System

In addition to the branding and design, I also worked with the team to establish their design system framework. The website for the design system had the same look and feel as the brand.