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Creating a Prototype-as-a-Service for Myself.
Personal Project


Wirewolf is a prototype-as-a-service that helps you transform your app idea into a clickable wireframe prototype.

The Problem

I needed a way to promote and sell my UX/wireframing services in a streamlined and automated way.

Wirewolf was Born

The name Wirewolf comes from a combination of ‘wireframe’ and ‘werewolf’. The werewolf represents a physical change. Like werewolves change during a full moon, your ideas change shape from idea to tangible wireframe.


The Mascot

Visually, wireframes can look a bit boring. Grayscale boxes and lorem ipsum. I wanted to create a brand that was fun and colorful. The mascot played a big role in this.

Logo Creation

This logo is quite simple, but I am actually proud of all of the symbolism it entails.

Illustrations and Icons

I created a number of visuals to help explain what the service was. Many of the icons used in the designs were elements that are often found on actual wireframes.

Prototype Demo

I created a demo in InVision to give potential clients an idea of how the prototypes could come out. At the time, I was going to offer grayscale or color prototypes.


This was a fun project to create. I enjoyed bringing my love of illustration and UX design together.