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SCAN Website Refresh

Refreshing a Website for a Medicare Advantage Plan
Personal Project


SCAN is a not-for-profit medicare advantage plan in California.

The Problem

SCAN had an outdated and inconsistent website experience. A full redesign was not in their budget or roadmap.

The Challenge

Due to a low budget, I had to work within a set of guidelines and manage expectations.


Research & Recommendations

I did some research on a preferred color based on age, competition colors, insights on seniors using technology, and overall best practices for accessibility.


Color Palette

One of the main challenges with the color palette was that we did not want to deviate too far from the current brand. We wanted to simplify the palette and establish rules on how to use them.


Module Audit

We did an audit of all of the components on the site. We got rid of unused ones, combined similar ones, and applied the new color palette to them.



The transformation was a success! This was a challenging one because of all the technical limitations, but in the end, we moved the design into the right direction. This even had an impact on their marketing efforts, where cues were taken from the site.