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SCAN Guided Enrollment

Completely Rebuilding an Online Enrollment Platform
Personal Project


SCAN realize they could offer a better experience by rebuilding their online enrollment platform.

The Problem

SCAN's existing third-party online enrollment software got the job done, but it wasn't customizable, mobile-friendly, or guiding.


Experience Audit

I went through the existing experience and created a flow of how it was working.


Inspiration and Common Themes

I collected inspiration for good online wizard experiences and then looked for common elements or themes between them. Based on those findings, we worked with the client to figure out feature wants and needs.


Feature Sketches

I would have whiteboard sessions with the client and create visuals for them to better understand the functionality.



The experience started to take shape after flows were created and wireframes were designed



The design and implementation came out great. Since the new experience was built on SCAN's environment, they had complete control of design, analytics, and functionality.