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Creating a Recurring Task App that is Visual
Personal Project


Sash is an app that helps you keep track of your recurring tasks in a fun, visual way.

The Problem

There are many options for applications that help manage recurring tasks, but none of them are truly designed for people who do better when they see things visually.

Some Research

I looked into the types of tasks people typically use these applications for. I found that many of them were focused around chores, pets, fitness, hobbies, and things like quitting smoking.

In fact, I brainstormed and designed 100 badges that could be assigned to a task. I tried to make them generic enough so users could identify with them.

Gamifying the Experience

I wanted to create an app that was, not only visual, but fun as well. I made it so you can create a task and set how often you'd like to do that task. If you complete the task, the app tracks your streak. If you do not complete the task, your colorful badge turns into a skull until you complete the task again.


I flowed out the experience and created wireframes to work out the functionality.


I designed the logo and icon, then I created some usage guidelines for them. The name 'Sash' came from part of a boy/girl scout uniform, where they earn badges and put them on their sash. It is why all of the task illustrations resemble badges.


I brought the logo, wireframes, and illustrations together to create the app interface.

Marketing Website

I designed a landing page to describe the app and collect email addresses for launch.


I had a ton of fun working on this  project. I had the idea developed into a web app, where there was a mobile and desktop version. In the end, I had to abandon the idea, but this goes down as one of my personal projects that I am most proud of.