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Auditing UX/UI for Document Version Control Software
Personal Project


Ensur is a version control software that manages documents and their workflows.

The Problem

Ensur was already successful with a large client base, but the software needed a little polish. Working within their current branding guidelines, I needed to work with their development team and make UX recommendations that would not only work within their existing code structure, but make large improvements that would not be too jarring for existing users.


Audit and Recommendations

You can't do a full UX audit without having a good understanding of why things were done. I met with the team to gather information on their overall product, goals, and limitations. We decided to focus on a few areas for some quick wins. I drew up some sketches.


Interaction Flows

After sketches, I created more of a polished UI direction for the team.


Process and Evolution

Overall, the product was enhanced and interactions were smoothed out a little bit. There is always room to improve, but this was a great start.