Here is a collection of different types of creative projects I've done

Children's Book Series

Currently Writing

Working a children's book series called Wonder Scouts, about a group of heroes that keep their world safe and earn magical badges for each problem they solve.

Children's Book

Recently Finished!

Writing a children’s book has always been on my creative bucket list. ‘Barry Needs a Hug’ is about a cactus who realizes he’s never been hugged.

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Music Albums

I am a self-taught, lyrically-driven, singer-songwriter. I've written over 40 songs and produced 4 albums.

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Lifestyle Brand


Working on creative projects can be tough. I created Kinndling to inspire and motivate individuals as they embark on their creative journeys.



The Create Outdoors is a podcast offering creative tips, where the wonders of nature meet the spark of creativity. It was created to help spread the word on my lifestyle brand, Kinndling.

NFT Collection

When NFTs were rising in popularity, I ventured into that world with Nifty Ghosts, a unique collection of ghost characters. While sales were modest, this creative exploration into the blockchain technology space was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to create one-of-a-kind digital art pieces.

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